Art should strive to have a divine purpose.

For mine, it should illustrate the reciprocal relationship between man and God. Every piece begins with the conviction that I am created, so, likewise, I create. Every piece ends with my resolution to publicly share with others.

A person viewing my still-lifes will notice common objects portrayed in an unusual manner. These objects have significant, symbolic meanings that form the premise of the paintings. The alteration and placement of objects grant further access to elevated  interpretation, which is known as the style of meta-realism. While the result appears similar to surrealism, it's approach is different in that it is derived from the spirit and not from the carnal desires of the artist's sub-conscious. Through this method, an environment for meaningful dialogue occurs.

Further inspection of my work will reveal many of my flemish and florentine influences. It is a beautiful thing to cast light into darkness, therefor chairoscuro is almost always present in my work. Through the years, I've developed a fondness for the traditional seven-layer oil painting that uses the best natural materials they had in the 16th century. My explanation for using this labor-intense system is simple: if those works still exist in very good condition why would I not follow suit? What is the point in spending so much of my time on earth painting if the painting can't survive a millennia?


Art enthusiasts and collectors will find that my works - and others that are similar to mine -  help to fill a necessary niche that has barely begun. I thank God for allowing me to be part of this journey.